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  • Share in our uniqueness: Faith to Action Network is a global interfaith network that brings together faith leaders and faith organisations of diverse faith backgrounds to empower people to live healthy, peaceful, quality lives.
  • Consistent with their faith: All faith traditions have shared visions and common values of human dignity and rights. Faith to Action Network promotes collective actions while respecting diversity in individual actions consistent with one’s faith.
  • Engage people who matter: Faith to Action Network is capable and credible to build bridges between religious leaders, decision- and policymakers, donors, and secular civil society organizations and engage them in promoting and adopting of people-centred policies.
  • Be part of a strong community: Faith to Action has member institutions of diverse geographical reach and faith traditions, a functional Secretariat and European liaison office, steering Council and Advisory Council, and more than 100 member organisations.
  • A networking space: Faith to Action Network is a platform that offers faith organisations of diverse faith traditions a safe space to express their challenges and share their everyday experiences. Faith to Action Network provides numerous platforms to share including our regular conferences, training, exchange visits, technical meetings, and newsletters.
  • Access resources: Faith to Action Network offers its members access to global technical and financial resources. Collectively, our member organisations offer a wealth of technical experience and knowledge. The Secretariat implements campaigns and programmes which allow funding Network members’ activities.
  • Be heard: Faith organisations are strategically placed to effect change and transformation in local communities, including playing a part in the development of government policies. Faith to Action Network takes a proactive lead in ensuring that the contributions of faith organizations are documented and that there are evidence-based resources that communicate the impact of faith organisations.

Join us in advancing family health and well-being; women’s rights and gender justice; and peaceful, just and inclusive communities.

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