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Steering Council

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ragab

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ragaa A. Ragab is the Vice
Chairperson of our Steering Council and a Professor of Reproductive Health at the International Islamic Centre for Population Studies and Research, Al-Azhar University.


Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ragaa A. Ragab is a Professor of reproductive health at the International Islamic Centre for Population Studies and Research, Al-Azhar University. He is a graduate from Al-Azhar University, one of the oldest and prestigious Islamic University) where they teach Islamic studies and medical science side by side. He is holding three master degrees (OB/GYN, population and bioethics) and a Ph.D, reproductive health. He helped in developing strategies and programs that aim at improving child health, eradication of violence against women and children, reduction of maternal mortality, tackling gender-based violence and improving reproductive health in some of the developing countries, mainly in Africa and Arab region. He worked much in countries in crisis like Somalia, Darfur camps in Eastern Chad, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan. He was a member of the advisory committee for African Network for Social Accountability (ANSA) (2006-2010) for North Africa, a member of Africa Faith Based Organization, Durban, South Africa and, currently, the Vice Chairman of f2a (Faith to Action Network).
He was awarded several awards: The National High Academy of Scientific Research Family Planning Award, 2004 and a medal of excellence from Al-Azhar University, 2008. Egyptian medical syndicate awarded him its annual award for his work in the area of promoting the health of women in 2006. UNICEF report, 2002, put him as one of the leaders of health for his work in Somalia for eradication of female genital cutting (page 19). He has extensive record of research and books addressing family planning, reproductive health and gender issues from faith perspectives. He was nominated to be the Chairman of the “Family Culture Committee” of the “Egyptian Family House” starting from January 2017. He is an ex-member of the reference group of FP2030. The Reference Group sets the overall strategic direction for FP2030 and drives coordination between the partnership’s stakeholders.

Join us in advancing family health and well-being; women’s rights and gender justice; and peaceful, just and inclusive communities.

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