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Knowledge and evidence


Knowledge and evidence

Evidence on faith-based interventions and approaches to the Faith to Action Network priorities is fragmentary. Interfaith engagement is especially difficult to quantify for measurable results since it is often very long-term with multiple factors, actors and perceptions involved in achieving of outcomes and processes. Such evidence is needed in safe spaces so that faith actors can examine their assumptions, investigate the origins of their beliefs, and develop faith-inspired action based on real-world evidence. The combination of evidence and safe space enables faith actors to openly and honestly reflect without fear of judgement or social sanction. Faith to Action Network conducts, supports and promotes research and demonstration projects that generate evidence. Faith to Action Network collects and analyses data for learning and decision-making, as well as conducts research on specific questions to generate actionable information. This evidence is instrumental to the work that the Network and its members do in the safe spaces they create. Faith to Action Network events enable learning and provide access to experiences through resources and tools, drawn from evidence and participant experience. Faith to Action Network also publicly synthesizes and communicates research findings to other faith organizations, governments and donors to promote collaboration between the public and private sectors on policy and delivery solutions.

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We mobilize faith actors for interfaith dialogue and collaboration to advance family health and well-being; women’s rights and gender justice; and peaceful, just and inclusive communities, consistent with one’s faith.


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Faith to Action Network
Faith to Action Network3 months ago
As part of global commemoration of the World Inter harmony week, through the JISRA programme, our member Muhammadiyah brings together young people from different faith formations to act for the environment. Another example that religion is a great builder of bridges.

For Ahsan Hamidi an activist with Eco Bhinneka, the chance for people with various religious backgrounds to meet, discuss, and work together while caring for the environment allows clarity and progress where there are differences that have arisen on the basis of prejudice”. What is your story of inter faith harmony this week?

Share with us and we shall share it with the world.
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