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Grants management


Grants management

As a fund manager, Faith to Action Network provides faith organizations with access to grants to finance interfaith interventions. In 2018-2020, we funded 39 grantees in 13 countries with US$ 1.7 million; in 2021-2025, we are funding 31 grantees in 14 countries with US$ 6.3 million.

Faith to Action Network provides grants to promising interfaith interventions aligned to its core focus areas, led by faith organizations, and mobilizing a variety of expertise and actors including cultural actors, actors in the education sector, civil society organizations and local authorities. The grants allow for strengthening or complementing existing interventions and leverage more resources, primarily from faith organizations. Faith to Action Network accompanies its grantees in managing funds efficiently, using project management tools such as work plans and log frames, and following sound accounting and reporting standards.

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