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Faith to Action Network

Convening for learning and sharing


Convening for learning and sharing

When not exposed to other contexts and beliefs, faith actors lack an understanding of alternative contexts and viewpoints. With their own culture as a unique reference point, they often cannot discern whether a standpoint is grounded in culture or religion. Faith to Action Network learning approaches take participants out of their context and expose them to other cultures, opinions and approaches. This helps promote empathy for the feelings and needs of people with differing opinions and prompts internal reflection on beliefs and evidence.

Faith to Action Network convenes physical and virtual spaces and activities where religious actors can come together to learn without fear of judgement, censorship or sanction. Safe space is needed for people to get to know one another and engage privately, away from the full glare of publicity.

The Network’s approach has been independently verified as leading to common engagement and action on Network priorities. Faith to Action Network dialogues are facilitated by eminent theologians from respected faith authorities. Faith leaders are exposed to trends and evidence and learn about religious interpretations and practices within their faith thus reducing misconceptions. This gradually builds consensus and ownership of Network priorities, ultimately sparking greater commitment and constructive action.

About us

We mobilize faith actors for interfaith dialogue and collaboration to advance family health and well-being; women’s rights and gender justice; and peaceful, just and inclusive communities, consistent with one’s faith.


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Faith to Action Network
Faith to Action Network2 months ago
📣Attention, everyone!

Happening Now! Join us right now at #WD2023 in Kigali, Rwanda as Faith to Action Network presents an engaging discussion on ‘Gender Assessment Methodology: Embedding Gender Equality and Women’s Rights Within Faith Organizations.’

This groundbreaking session is a game-changer, exploring innovative approaches to foster equality and empowerment within faith-based communities.

Don’t miss out on this inspiring event! 👇

⏲ Right Now!
👉 M Hotel Pelican-3

#FaithActors4Justice #WomenRights #YW4A #WD2023

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